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On a related note, Internet Infidels, Inc.

Why Ravi Zacharias rejects Calvinism

It would be ironic, therefore, if the claims in this press release are true. We are two atheists and a Christian who are concerned that a prominent evangelist, Mr. Ravi Zacharias, has engaged in misconduct that undermines academic integrity and misleads the public.

First, we wish to draw attention to what we believe are the dishonest practices of Ravi Zacharias. Second, we hope the facts presented here will prompt professional journalists and investigators to continue the work we have started.

We believe that the problem of professional evangelical Christians exaggerating their academic credentials deserves much more media attention and public discussion than it currently receives. But the issue has not gone mainstream yet.

Santa Barbara and an M. He worked for Microsoft before moving to a position at New York Life. He writes about fair-minded reasoning and the philosophical foundations of humanism.

He has a PhD from Northwestern University and has published widely on the norms of responsible discourse. Zacharias maintains a busy travel schedule lecturing all over the world. RZIM has numerous overseas offices and maintains a staff of over people.

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According to Mr. I believe Ravi Zacharias uses his bogus and exaggerated academic credentials to spread a harmful message.

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I believe that the Ravi Zacharias matter is a disturbing indication of a Code of Silence amongst evangelical Christian elites and academics. I believe or at least hope that exposing Ravi Zacharias will lead to greater critical awareness on the part of many people. He makes frequent mention of it in his public appearances.

Obituary: Ravi Zacharias

It is by far the most impressive item in his academic portfolio. We recently contacted Mr. None came. Zacharias has no doctoral degree.First of all let me be clear that the ministry of RZIM does not take an official stand on this debate.

Like many apologists and theologians of his generation, Dr. Zacharias desires to be conciliatory with all brothers and sisters on both sides of this issue. However, his interpretation of the passages in question are clearly compatible with my non-Calvinistic perspective.

You can listen to his article on the video, or scroll down to read it:. The Calvinistic and the Arminian position highlight their own views in attempting to answer this question. If I may rephrase your question, you are wrestling with the dialectic of the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man. Let me try and give you a couple of illustrations before dealing with it theologically and in a mild philosophical manner.

The sovereignty and responsibility issue should really be seen as two opposite poles of the same position. Light, for example, is viewed from some vantage points as particles. From other vantage points it is viewed as waves. I think you should view the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man as a kind of a precious stone with two facets to it.

When it catches the light from one direction, you see one color; when it catches the light from the other direction you see the other color. Our propensity in the Western world to put God into a box and to systematize everything sometimes violates a fundamental precept in philosophy. It is not possible for a finite person to infinitely understand the infinite.

If a finite person can fully understand the infinite, the very category of infinity is destroyed. So my proposal to you is to see both of these perspectives and hold them in balance. For example, the biblical writers held these in tension. When you look at ActsPeter is addressing the people. The apostle Paul in Philippians does the same thing. So in an attempt to try to clearly highlight either of these two extremes, you will do violence to the other.

In your example of Romans 9, it is imperative that you understand the context. In Romans, chapters 9, 10 and 11, Paul is primarily writing to the Jewish church in order to get them to understand that the chosenness that God had given to them was a privilege with concomitant responsibilities. He goes on to show that their privileged position was given to them because someone had to be a mouthpiece to the world and God chose the least of all the nations.

He did not choose the philosophers in Greece; He did not choose the imperial might of Rome; He did not choose the splendor of Babylon. He chose a tiny little nation with whom and through whom He was going to pronounce the oracles to the rest of the world. Now, with that great privilege came a proportionate responsibility. So that chosenness was one of instrumentality, and to whom much was given much was also required. In the same way, I believe this principle applies to preachers.

Just because we are called upon to stand in front of people and proclaim, it does not necessarily mean we have a better deal going for us. The fact is that our lives must be proportionate to the privilege and responsibility. Of course, He is not willing that any should perish.

ravi zacharias youtube 2017

Now, what you need to do is recognize that foreknowledge and foreordination are not the same thing. I may know, for example, that as I see my child about to lift something heavy that he is not going to be able to lift it, but there are times when I stand back and watch in an attempt to teach this individual the fact that there are some loads too heavy for a smaller body to handle. Now when you are looking at the sovereignty of God, it is undeniable that God is sovereign in history.

He is even able to take the evil intents of people and turn them around to good benefits. There are some things in life that are givens—you and I have no control over them, but we do have options as to how we are going to deal with those givens, and that is where our responsibility comes in.

When you think of the mystery of sovereignty and responsibility, the very incarnation of Christ carries this enigma.It faces calls from within its own ranks to change its name, pay reparations to any victims and oust some top leaders, including Zacharias family members.

Zacharias, a widely popular author and speaker, died of cancer in May at age Based in suburban Atlanta, RZIM has operations in about 20 countries and a roster of scores of traveling speakers. In recent months, the organization has been plunged into crisis, precipitated by a Sept.

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Completion of the report, and its promised public release, is still weeks away. But on Dec. The law firm summarized its investigation, which included dozens of interviews, as well as review of documents and electronic data. Zacharias engaged in sexual misconduct over the course of many years. In disclosing the interim findingsthe RZIM executive committee members described themselves as heartbroken and expressed remorse on behalf of those victimized by Zacharias.

The disclosures already have had tangible impact. Several radio outlets, including Moody Radio — one of the largest Christian networks in the U. Some booksellers have pulled Zacharias' books from their offerings. In Britain, a network of student-led mission teams operating on university campuses has asked RZIM-affiliated speakers to withdraw from upcoming events.

In a letter to its staff on Dec. Writing on his bloghe said his faith in the organization's leadership has been shattered. In a pair of letters to RZIM board members, which he later shared with the AP, Baker-Hytch faulted the board for lack of transparency and urged it to release internal governance information, such as the names and salaries of senior officials.

Zacharias had been entangled in some previous controversies over how he had publicly described his academic credentials and over his claim, later challenged in legal proceedings, that he was the target of an extortion scheme related to sexting and sexually explicit photos. Weitnauer and Baker-Hytch said the RZIM board was too credulous in accepting Zacharias' version of the sexting case and too dismissive of claims by the woman he accused, Lori Anne Thompson.

She contends that Zacharias groomed her to participate in secretive communications that eventually included sending nude photos of herself. Zacharias dropped his extortion lawsuit in Novemberand the parties eventually reached a private settlement.

In a statement posted online on Dec. The AP is solely responsible for this content. Copyright The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without permission. Ministry roiled by late founder's sexual misconduct scandal.When Ravi Zacharias was a cricket-loving boy on the streets of India, his mother called him in to meet the local sari-seller-turned-palm reader.

There is no future for you abroad. He had also undertaken a global preaching trip as a newly licensed minister with The Christian and Missionary Alliance, along with his wife, Margie, and eldest daughter, Sarah. This trip started in England, worked eastwards through Europe and the Middle East and finished on the Pacific Rim; all-in-all that year, Zacharias preached nearly times in over a dozen countries. Once Zacharias found the truth of the gospel, his passion for sharing it burned bright until the very end.

Even as he returned home from the hospital in Texas, where he had been undergoing chemotherapy, Zacharias was sharing the hope of Jesus to the three nurses who tucked him into his transport. His mother, Isabella, was a teacher. An unremarkable student, Zacharias was more interested in cricket than books, until his encounter with the gospel in that hospital bed. Nevertheless, a bold, radical faith ran in his genes.

This dictionary served as the cornerstone of the first Malayalam translation of the Bible. With conversion came a new surname, Zacharias, and a new path that started her descendants on a road to the Christian faith. He created a ministry that transcended his personality, where every speaker, whatever their background, presented the truth in the context of the contemporary.

Zacharias believed if you achieved that, your message would always be necessary. Zacharias had immigrated to Canada ina year after winning a preaching award at a Youth for Christ congress in Hyderabad. It was there, in Toronto, that Ruth Jeffrey, the veteran missionary to Vietnam, heard him preach.

She invited him to her adopted land. That summer, Zacharias—only just 25—found himself flown across the country by helicopter gunship to preach at military bases, in hospitals and in prisons to the Vietcong. Most nights Zacharias and his translator Hien Pham would fall asleep to the sound of gunfire. The lone jeep that passed ignored their roadside waves. They finally cranked the engine to life and set off, only to come across the same jeep a few miles on, overturned and riddled with bullets, all four passengers dead.

Zacharias knew some of their children. It was that level of trust in God, and the desire to stand beside those who minister in areas of great risk, that is a hallmark of RZIM. Its support for Christian evangelists in places where many ministries fear to tread, including northern Nigeria, Pakistan, South African townships, the Middle East and North Africa, can be traced back to that formative graveside moment.

After graduating, Zacharias taught at the Alliance Theological Seminary in New York and continued to travel the country preaching on weekends.He was involved in Christian apologetics for a period spanning more than 40 years.

Zacharias was born on 26 March in MadrasIndia. His family moved to Delhi when he was quite young and he grew up there. His family was Anglican[7] but he was a "skeptic" until the age of 17 when he tried to commit suicide by swallowing poison. Life as defined by the Author of Life. Please get me out of this hospital bed well, and I promise I will leave no stone unturned in my pursuit of truth. InZacharias immigrated with his family to Canada, [5] earning his undergraduate degree from the Ontario Bible College in now Tyndale University and his M.

Inhe participated in guided study at Ridley Halla Church of England theological school in Cambridge. Zacharias spent the summer of in South Vietnamwhere he evangelized US soldiers, as well as imprisoned Viet Cong members. In AugustRavi Zacharias International Ministries was founded in Toronto, Canada, to pursue his calling as a "classical evangelist in the arena of the intellectually resistant.

Inshortly after the fall of the Berlin WallZacharias spoke in Moscow with students at the Lenin Military Academy as well as political leaders at the Center for Geopolitical Strategy. Zacharias delivered a sermon on "Who Is the Truth? He responded by asserting that Christians should not immediately condemn so-called "Mormonism's" theological differences but "graciously build one step at a time in communicating our faith with clarity and conviction".

He said this is just as effective as showing someone the faults of their faith. Johnson later apologized for his comment. Zacharias was a frequent keynote lecturer within the evangelical community at events including the Future of Truth conference in[29] the National Religious Broadcasters ' Convention and Exposition in[30] the National Conference on Christian Apologetics in Zacharias was interviewed in Focus on the Family 's Truth Project.

In NovemberZacharias signed an ecumenical statement known as the Manhattan Declaration which affirms the sanctity of human life, the dignity of marriage as a union of husband and wife, and freedom of religion, as foundational principles of justice and the common good. Zacharias argued that a coherent worldview must be able to satisfactorily answer four questions: that of originmeaning of lifemoralityand destiny.

He said that while every major religion makes exclusive claims about truththe Christian faith is unique in its ability to answer all four of these questions. InChristianity Today reported accusations that Zacharias had exaggerated his academic credentials; for instance that he had referred to himself in multiple articles and videos with the title "Doctor" or "Dr.

In response, Zacharias said he had been "conferred ten honorary doctorates" and said further that "in Ravi's homeland of India … honorific titles are customary and are used frequently out of respect for elders, including by the RZIM India team when addressing Ravi.

The veracity of Zacharias's purported academic positions at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge was also questioned. However, because this practice can be contentious in certain circles, we no longer use it.


She had texted nude photos of herself to Zacharias. The question is not whether I solicited or sent any illicit photos or messages to [her]—I did not, and there is no evidence to the contrary—but rather, whether I should have been a willing participant in any extended communication with a woman, not my wife.

The answer, I can unequivocally say, is no, and I fully accept responsibility. Four months after Zacharias's death in May ofthree women who worked at two day-spas he co-owned in Atlanta came forward alleging that Zacharias had sexually harassed multiple massage therapists over the course of a period of about five years. It is alleged when at the spa Zacharias would expose himself every time, and would touch himself every time. According to Christianity Today.

Zacharias masturbated in front of one of the women more than 50 times, according to her recollection. Another woman recalled Zacharias touching her lower back. It seemed friendly, almost comforting. Then he moved his hand down and inside of her pants. Several other times, he moved his hand up her side and touched her breast.

His former business partner expressed regret at not stopping Zacharias and issued an apology to one of the alleged survivors.

Carson Weitnauer, a former employee, referred to Zacharias in response to the allegations as "one of [his generation's] greatest frauds," a "sexual predator", and a "uniquely charismatic manipulator.Jump to navigation.

The allegations against Zacharias were first made in a YouTube video by Steve Baughman, a San Francisco—based lawyer and seminary student. Baughman claimed to have talked to a number of employees at the spas owned by Zacharias.

InZacharias settled a lawsuit with a Canadian couple who had claimed the evangelist had a sexting relationship with Lori Anne Thompson, a married woman who supported his ministry. The settlement, which had been filed by Zacharias, required the couple to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

According to Christianity Today, Zacharias co-owned a pair of spas in the Atlanta area, including one called Touch of Eden, which closed in The other was called Jivan Wellness and was run in the same location as the first spa. Zacharias, who came to fame after speaking at a Billy Graham conference in Amsterdam in the s, traveled the world as an evangelist and apologist, making reasoned arguments for the Christian faith.

He was the author of more than 20 books and was an ordained minister in the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

ravi zacharias youtube 2017

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ravi zacharias youtube 2017

You've reached your article limit. Become a Subscriber or Log In.This weekend, evangelist Ravi Zacharias released a statement about allegations in a sexting scandal that prompted an extortion lawsuit.

A woman claims he used his position to solicit nude photos from her, but he claims she used the photos to extort payments from him in return for her silence. I have acknowledged this to my Lord, my wife, my children, our ministry board, and my colleagues.

Even so, Zacharias insisted that he did not request the nude photos and that they were sent as part of an attempt to extort money from him. Zacharias has become one of the best-known living evangelists, and has authored dozens of books on faith most recently Jesus Among Secular Gods: The Countercultural Claims of Christ. He is particularly well-known for giving reasons to defend Christianity in brief videos, many of them available on YouTube.

Born in India but now a Canadian and American citizen, Zacharias is the president and founder of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries RZIMwhich sponsors dozens of itinerant preachers and apologists defenders of the faith such as the late former Muslim Nabeel Qureshi.

RZIM also hosts conferences for Christian leaders and holds debates on college campuses. Last month, Zacharias agreed to drop a lawsuit he filed against a Canadian couple, Bradley and Lori Anne Thompson, who allegedly attempted to extort money from him. The suit was dropped inand while the pastor was temporarily suspendedhe was later reinstated. Lawyers stressed that Zacharias is neither a pastor nor a counselor, and that RZIM does not provide counseling or therapy.

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In his statement on Sunday, Zacharias laid out his side of the story. He met Mrs. Thompson at a conference in Canada in Octoberand she asked him to reach out to her husband because he had questions about Christianity. He met the husband at another event in Canada and the Thompsons invited the apologist and his wife out to dinner. My responses were usually brief. Then, last year, she shockingly sent me extremely inappropriate pictures of herself unsolicited.

I clearly instructed her to stop contacting me in any form; I blocked her messages, and I resolved to terminate all contact with her. Late last year, she threatened to reveal the texts to her husband, claiming Zacharias had asked for the nude photos. In Aprilthey sent him a letter demanding money. The RZIM board advised the apologist to get legal counsel. Zacharias recalled filing the lawsuit and dismissing it last month after reaching an agreement.

Ministry roiled by late founder's sexual misconduct scandal

However, at this time, unfortunately I am legally prevented from answering or even discussing the questions and claims being made by some, other than to say that each side paid for their own legal expenses and no ministry funds were used. May that be true by His grace. This case seems to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Billy Graham rule. The full details of that settlement may never be known, but it appears Zacharias has successfully defended his reputation against this powerful attack.

ravi zacharias youtube 2017

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